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Recently, a client from Redwood Park asked us to do site excavation and  preparation, backyard shed prep with a difference! Working around an existing cellar required light weight machinery and a moderate amount of finesse. Nevertheless, a great result was achieved for the client.

Here’s a before and after photo highlighting one part of the project…

Site Excavation & Preparation Adelaide, Frost Earthmoving AdelaideSite Excavation & Preparation Adelaide, Frost Earthmoving Adelaide

Challenges and Things To Know

In this site excavation and preparation project, the biggest challenge was, no doubt, working in close proximity to an open cellar. This meant that each area being quite tight to access and required operational finesse and careful attention to detail.

Upon completion of every project, we ask ourselves how future clients may benefit from the experience. What should a future client be aware of if facing a similar challenge?

The answer in this case? Most things are possible. Don’t limit your thinking to your own knowledge of the situation. Asking questions and having an open mind can bring some great results.

Site Excavation & Preparation Adelaide Highlights

Below you can view a few photographs that provide a feel for what the project involved.


Site Excavation & Preparation Adelaide:

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